Innovation is our driving force, web solutions are our goal, solving problems to our customers and letting growth their business with our ideas are our focus.

We love to develop innovation to improve the quality of life and the share of information using the opportunities offered by the web. Our solutions offer a look towards the future in all fields of work and leisure.

We offer solutions from Culture (Museums, Exhibitions, Fairs), to Tourism (Villages, Ships, Hotels) to Social Projects (against Food Waste, Adoptions, Dog and Cat Kennels and Veterinarians) as well as we have proposals for Health and Security, for Innovation in Training, Services  for Companies and in many other areas… all with one common goal: INNOVATION  and WEB

  • "our job is to solve problems and to find solutions."

  • "Innovating means using what already exists in order to create something new"

  • "In business as in nature, survive those who fit and look to the future"

  • "your success is our goal, your success is our success"


Our passion, our attention and our capacities are at your disposal to find solutions and overcoming problems.

Innovation Solutions that use also the potentiality of Iot and Blockchain and the flexibility of Beacons.

Services  and Products that use web for renew company procedures by making them simpler and cheaper. We define with you the Strategy for the Web that can simplify your company’s productivity and visibility and help you to achieve your goals.

We always pay attention to search and develop new Ideas in order to create partnerships and to give the present a vision of the future that is within everyone’s reach.

Innovating   to grow

Business is now global and it is not easy to develop, we need the right and appropriate tools to meet the challenges.

With TRI you will have a partner that will support your path towards achievin your goals and will assist you in proposing innovative solutions in order to consolidate your business and allow you to compete on the market.

Our products aim to satisfy the needs of our customers as well as the needs of the users. Our solutions are personalized and designed on the needs and the work of our Customers by integrating them with the Web Services

Web Services

  • Hosting and Cloud Services
  • SEO, SEM and Marketing online
  • Email services management
  • Design and development of Web Sites and App, to be always ready to seize the opportunity
  • Support of definition of new business Web Based.

These are some of the services offered by TRI thanks also to the collaborations with our Partners who assist us in defining and developing Products to support our Costumers to express their own potential and consolidate their success.

Software Products

Our Products are based on Customer’s needs and are studied to meet any need.

Products, for the sales force, that cover all your needs in a flexible and innovative way.

Order management in real time to optimize production, purchases and inventory

Proposals for the management of Events and Online Training both for Customers and Collaborators

These are some of the proposals that TRI ahd it’s Partner offer to improve production and develop business in a fully way.

Solutions, Projects, Ideas

a look to the future, a solution for today

Solutions to grow

to be always ready for the market challenges and become a reference for others. Solutions designed to give users a service and a tool to companies to enhance visibility, customer information and the products to offer.

Innovation Projects

different opportunities to innovate and grow looking ahead in order to anticipate needs. Projects that look at the possibilities offered by technology and the market to give you the opportunity to create something really new that allows you to have a return not only direct but also in your image and reputation.

Visions and Ideas

from an idea to reality to be always ready for customers’ demands to bring the company towards a change, updates and innovations that can open the way to your success and increase the knowledge of your business, brand, products.

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