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Apps and Websites are the company’s business card, a step towards success. From design to creation, the development of graphics and services, because the image of the company contributes to its success. In a global marketplace where it is important to be in the right place in the right way, you need to pay always attention to market and communication evolution. Thanks to TRI and our partners we can offer the high quality of the product, enabling our costumers to focus on developing their business without worrying about anything else.

  • App Development to be always ready to catch opportunities and be always visible.

  • Integrated solutions and optimization of existing systems to improve productivity and quality

  • Reengineering and updating Client platform to keep up the of evolution and to expand the business more fully.

Providing services for all needs from low-cost offers, for those who want to approach the Web to evaluate the best options,  as well as the full optional for those who want to get the most out of it and maximize opportunities.


Corporate Email accounts and a structured Digital Marketing are two basic services to be competitive on the market.

For companies that want a guarantee of the reliability of communication with the aim of having immediate recognition and a quality image, it is very important to have a dedicated, reliable email service, taking away the burden of management and the security of communication from the internal structure that can only be dedicated to the development of the company business.

Corporate Marketing is also crucial to any company, especially as Internet is the first channel in the world for communication, advertising and global sales. Therefore it is crucial for a company to use marketing in the most appropriate way for the market and customers.

E-mail marketing services, targeted advertising services, and customer profiling services are essential to stay always productive and anticipate the needs and desires of your customers.

Besides communication services TRI , offer the Electronic Mail Certificate (PEC) service, as well,  that allows an e-mail to have the same value as a traditional registered letter with return receipt. It simplifies the management of paper mail and the relations with customers and suppliers, allowing savings both in terms of time and money.


We can offer our customers Hosting solutions, for all types of sites and gateways, whether you need a standard support, or your need is for high quality and performance with additional solutions such as Cloud, to ensure a optimal quality. We propose also the use of VPS and Dedicate Server that allow a high traffic management with a high degree of security and dedicated server software management.

The TRI service is offered in partnership with our partner NEO WEB and is at your disposal to meet all your needs by offering you personalized solutions that are specially designed for you and providing maximum visibility to your application needs and websites. The servers we use are located at I.NET, the first Italian NASP (Network Application Service Provider) listed in Nuovo Mercato Italiano (Numtel) that allows us to offer our customers an ever-increasing quality standard so that we can count on cutting-edge technologies and innovations.

Make the most of your project’s potential with the best technology available.


In a company that wants to get the best out of its employees and collaborators, a training service cannot be missing, as well as it has to provide a timely assistance to its customers with an after sales support service.

Both services need to be provided with continuity and frequency to keep up to date and improve the quality of service and product support. Using the web to provide customer support, continuous training to collaborators, or to share updates enables you to greatly reduce costs, improve production, and meet the needs of all people around the company.

TRI thanks to our collaboration with our partner can offer E-Learning online solutions for coursework and questionnaires, and with the possibility of assigning credits ECM and CFU. We also offer content sharing, participation in Webinar and streaming video, including live and events management, a web-based service for multi-hall events that allows participants to check in through Apps Mobile with the possibility to manage a tracking and calendar service, program consultation, live tweeting and survey administration.


Each company is unique and to use its full potential it needs a dedicated support to the needs it needs. Every business requires specific attention and solutions and services based on its own business and on the needs of the Customers for their  success and growth.

The Web has become the first growth tool and the first marketing channel and in order to grow the number of customers and business is therefore of primary importance to have a Strategy for Digital Business that is not just having a website available, which is the company’s business card, but also much more about business development, visibility and image.

Communication is the glue that combines the components that define the company and integrates all forms of sharing allowing you to gain reputation, visibility and credibility as the quality of the products offered.

Having a digital channel, that is at the same level as the physical one in the global market, is a must for Growth and Development. Allowing social interaction between Social channels, Mobile Apps, Sites, and conventional communications creates an ecosystem that is self-energizing and turns into an opportunity, advertising, expansion fleet, which cannot be overlooked in a global marketplace.

TRI has created a network among its Partners to allow its costumers to maximize the results without weighing down the company’s commitments in order to be always alert to the changes and evolutions that the market proposes.

The TRI goal is to develop Innovation and to offer Solutions to help Growth in our costumers.