a company made by professionals with a 25 years experience who focused on     innovation and research.


TRI  is a company made by professionals with a wide experience in design, development and innovation solutions.

Solutions to facilitate interaction between people and the environment in which they work and to share, to communicate and to improve information.

In a global marketplace only those who are able to adapt, to take advantage of opportunities may be able to have the space and visibility needed to grow and consolidate its presence.

Business is not easy to realize if you do not use the appropriate tools towards the challenges and goals you want to achieve.

With TRI  you will have a partner who will support you and will join you with Solutions and Services in order to be able to compete in an ever-evolving market.


Our goal is to develop INNOVATION and to propose SOLUTIONS to help the GROWTH of our Customers.

We help our Customers to develop a Web-based strategy that enables them to make the most of their potential and to immediately make access to information and facilitate business development.

Each company is unique and to use its full potential it needs a dedicated support to what needs and problems are.

Every business requires specific attention and therefore our products and services are designed based on our Customers business and needs for their success and growth.

Find out how we can help you and your business today with a look to the future.

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